I failed again

October 24 - October 30


I’ll be honest I failed this week’s challenge again. I went into the challenge blind and thought I could break my social media addiction with no research and pure willpower. Subsequently, I found it extremely hard to keep my social media usage below 2hrs per day. This addiction has sometimes made me late to classes and severely messed up my sleep schedule. So I am very determined to get it under control. Therefore I decided to research strategies to be more successful next week.


Here are the video’s I checked out:


1. You need to start slow

2. Disable your notifications 

3. Put your phone in another room while your working

4. Set a timer to remind you to log off social media at nighttime and in the morning 

5. Only use social media on your desktop

6. Download an app like Freedom or Forest 

7. Delete apps once you are done for the day


So I plan to implement a few of these strategies and see if they help me be more successful. 


Combining 2 Challenges

I will also combine this challenge with the next one, where I get 8+ hours of sleep every night. I decided to combine these two challenges because my lack of sleep is due to my addiction to social media. I have the worst habit of scrolling through social media late at night, even when I am tired. So hopefully, by breaking my social media addiction, I will also improve my sleep. 



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