PROCESS POST: Website Set-up

Week 2: September 19 - 25

The Installation Process

The installation process of my website was a rollercoaster ride. I first went to Reclaim Hosting to register my domain, and everything seemed to be going smoothly. However, when I was creating my account, I opted out of the option to register for a top-level domain. Subsequently, there was an error when I tried to access my site. So I tried to figure out how to fix it for a few hours but could not find a solution. I finally gave up and tried to delete my domain and start again. Fortunately, one of the people at Reclaim Hosting was able to help me the next day. 


Finding a Theme for My Site

After my site was up and running, I began working on my vision board and established my website’s topic. Initially, I was going to do a cooking website, but after working on my online vision board, I realized that a lot of the content I consume has to do with health and wellness, so it probably will be a more easy topic for me to write about. 


So I thought it would be fun to challenge myself to improve my general health and well-being, all while tracking my progress on a website! Next, I worked on installing the Google Analytics and Elementor plugins during class. I then scrolled through the Elementor templates, found the template that fit well with my wellness theme, and started editing the pages. However, I found understanding some of the functions in Elementor and WordPress challenging. Eventually, I found a few resources online that helped me a lot, and I will link them below. 


In conclusion, the process was challenging, but it was a valuable experience. As Watters (2015) states, “To own one’s domain gives students an understanding of how Web technologies work. It puts them in a much better position to control their work, their data, their identity online.” I agree and am grateful I will get to work more immersively with the web this semester. 


Here is a resource that helped me a lot: 


Watters, A. (2015, July 15). The Web We Need to Give to Students. BRIGHT Magazine. 


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