PROCESS POST: Website Design

WeeK 6: October 18 - 24


The website I chose to review is TakeCare/, which is a company that creates customizable vitamin/supplement routines for people based on their health goals and needs. I actually discovered this company while researching for my wellness challenge, and I may check out some of their products later. 



Page (2022) states that having enough white space on a webpage is one of the keys to a well-designed webpage. Therefore that is one of the things that the TakeCare/Of website does well. There is plenty of whitespace throughout the whole site, and it doesn’t feel too busy.

A green background with text that says "You know your body, we know the science. Let’s work together." as well as some bottles and cups at the bottom of the visual.

The site also has good margins, and nothing is too squished. Page (2022) also discusses how you can use contrast to create emphasis or to draw attention to something. On the homepage, there is a dark green button that says “Take the Quiz,” which is placed on a lighter green background which I think effectively creates contrast and attracts the user’s attention. 


The colours used within the site are fairly consistent. However, I think there are slightly too many colours, and they should have stuck to four different colours max.


Think the font choice for the whole site fits well with the aesthetic of the site. However, I think the font is a little bit hard to read in some parts because it is light grey. 

UI Design

The UI design of the site could also be slightly improved, in my opinion. 

Gertz (2015) discusses how many web designers have become metrics obsessed and have now begun to create designs that are too overly reliant on data and a/b tests without considering how a design change may fit with other elements of the site.

 Similarly, on TakeCare/Of’s website, in the menu bar, there is one section that just features a new product and doesn’t really fit with the other elements of the menu bar. 

I hypothesize that this product was placed there because the data showed that this placement drove more traffic to that landing page. 

However, I don’t think it fits well with the other site elements and looks strange.


Gertz, T. (2015, July 10). Design Machines. How to survive in the digital Apocalypse. Louder Than Ten.


Page, M. (2022, October 18). Designing Yourself [Lecture]. Retrieved September 16, 2022, from 

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