Week 4: October 4 - 11

Self Presentation in Social Media 

Hollenbaugh (2020) states that “Regardless of the medium, because posters cannot be sure which potential audience members actually read or viewed a post, they instead imagine that audience and craft their self-presentation with that audience in mind.” Hollenbaugh (2020) then goes on to say that people tend to “flattening out of multiple distinct audiences in one’s social network, such that people from different contexts become part of a singular group of message recipients.” I would agree with that statement and say that the audience I have been imaging so far is relatively broad. I have been trying to write for a more general audience because I do not know who is reading my blog. 


Ideal Audience

My ideal audience, however, would be people who are into health and wellness, and I think that if my blog became more popular with that demographic, I might change how I present my content. For example, I often explain in-depth why I am doing specific challenges because I assume my current audience is not super into health and wellness and may not understand certain concepts.   

Design and Editorial Decisions

I have kept everything professional and do not use slang or curse words because this blog is public for everyone to see, including my boss, friends, family, teachers, and classmates. Additionally, I have not been using that much humour within my blog due to the fact my blog is about health & wellness. In my experience, most health and wellness blogs tend to be more serious in tone and are not known for being as funny as other types of blogs, such as makeup or gossip blogs. Nevertheless, I might try to start integrating some humour into my blog posts with GIFs, memes, and jokes.  

A women doing a yoga pose.


Hollenbaugh, E. (2020, December 24). Self-Presentation in Social Media Opportunities. Review of Communications Researches.

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