Peer Review #2: NickDrawsThings

Link to Nick’s Site: 

Overall Design

Page (2022) states that having enough white space on a webpage is one of the keys to a well-designed webpage. In my opinion, your website has plenty of white space, and it doesn’t feel too busy. The margins are also good, and nothing is too squished. There is an excellent visual equilibrium

and rhythm to everything too. 



The use of colour on the site is consistent. However, since the only colour you are currently using is black, I suggest that you add at least one complementary colour. You could check out this site:, which generates colour palettes for you and pick one that fits your site’s theme. 


I think the fonts you choose are legible and readable, which is good in terms of accessibility. The website’s font also fits well with the site’s theme and aesthetic. However, some of the text blocks in your posts could be shorter and easier to scan. For example, the paragraph could be made a little bit more scannable.

Page (2022) mentions a few ways to make the text more scannable, which include: 

  • Highlighting keywords
  • Add meaningful subheadings
  • Adding bullet lists
  • Only explaining one idea per paragraph
  • Reduce the word count
  • Use hyperlinks that go to other sources
  • Adding images and videos throughout the text where it is relevant.

UI Design

The website is relatively easy to navigate. I love all your artwork too. However, your home page is currently just a page with all your blog posts. I think it would be cool if you created a separate home page that displayed all your artwork as a clickable portfolio instead. Then you could create different tabs in your menu for the blog posts that go with your artwork, the ‘About Me page, and PUB 101 assignments. The PUB 101 Assignment Tab could further break down into the sub-categories: Process Posts, Mini Assignments, and Peer Reviews. I believe organizing your site in this way would make it even easier to navigate. 


In ‘Four Principles of Accessibility,’ Gaines (2022) discussed how for an app or website to be accessible, it needs to be perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust. In terms of perceivableness, the font you choose is generally easy to read. However, as I mentioned before, you could make your blog posts a little more scannable. You also might want to add an accessibility plug-in like One Click Accessibility. Also, I don’t know if your images have alt text, but if not, I would add that. Otherwise, your site is operable, understandable, and robust. 


Page, M. (2022, October 18). Designing Yourself [Lecture]. Retrieved September 16, 2022, from 

Gaines, Homer. 2022. Four Principles of Accessibility

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