Peer Review #1 : Record of Naught ​

Link to Alex’s Site: 


  • After going through the site, I could generally tell what the site was about. 
  • I, however, don’t think there is enough information to understand who you are as an author, so a small ‘About’ page could be nice.
  • However, in the article Self-Presentation in Social Media: Review and Research Opportunities Hollenbaugh (2020 discusses how due to the high visibility of social media, people may be more careful or selective in what they say about themselves and the ways they present themselves. 
  • So I don’t know if that is a contributing factor in why you choose not to include an ‘About’ page. However, I think a simple page summarizing the idea behind the site could be good, even if you don’t go into detail about yourself.  

Home Page

  • I really like the design of the ‘Home’ page, especially how you have all the pictures displayed. I think that it is very creative and visually appealing! 
  • However, only one of the pictures on the ‘Homepage’ is clickable (“It’s there when I leave). However, I was unsure if you plan to make them clickable gradually as you create blog posts for each. The ‘Sign’ picture has a blog but is not clickable though. 

Navigation & Pages Design

  • I think the “Records,” “Publishing,” and “Posts” pages could be designed better. As of Friday, October 7th, there seems to be a gap in the top left-hand part of all those pages. 
  • Adding cover images for each post could elevate it, too, rather than just having them as titles.
  •  I also saw that you created two separate tabs for ‘Publishing’ and ‘Posts,’ but the content on those pages is practically the same. I recommend making the following categories: Home, About, Records, and PUB 101 Assignments with sub-categories for process posts, mini assignments, and peer reviews so that it’s easier to navigate your site. 
  • The post with the GIF was funny and an excellent way to keep readers engaged. 
  • You also still have the “Hello world!” post that WordPress automatically creates for you so I would delete that.

Aesthetics & Content  

  • I think you have fantastic writing skills, and the text that went with the photos was very intriguing and engaging! 
  • The artwork is phenomenal too! So keep up the excellent work! 
  • However, there were some typos in the text; for example, in the “It’s there when I leave” post, the word unravelled is misspelled as ‘unraveled’.
  •  I also believe the line “It answers naught; only present more questions” should be “It answers naught; it only presents more questions,” but I may be wrong.
  •  I recommend checking over your work before you post it or using a resource like Grammarly that can help you catch all those little errors. 
  • Regarding the colour palette/theme/typography, it might not be the best match for the content right now, but I think your vision is exceptional.
  •  Your site is good now, but I think once you implement all the ideas from Process post (or brainstorming, it will be amazing!


  • In ‘Four Principles of Accessibility,’ Gaines (2022) discussed how for an app or website to be accessible, it needs to be perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust. 
  • In terms of perceivable, I think that your site is generally scannable, easy to read, and the buttons are distinguishable. 
  • However, you might want to add alt text to your images if possible, though I know it may be challenging due to the nature of your artwork.
  • Otherwise, I believe your site is operable, understandable, and robust.


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