PROCESS POST: Multiple Channels, Multiple Media

Week 11: November 21 - 28

Pokemon as Transmedia Storytelling

Make a plan for incorporating more transmedia integration into your online publication. What channels will you focus In the article “Pokemon as transmedia storytelling,“ Kevinbrittenylauren (2013) define transmedia storytelling as a process where  “elements of a fiction get dispersed across multiple media for the purpose of creating a coordinated entertainment experience.” They give the example of the Pokemon franchise and how it had a TV show, a video game, a collection of trading cards, and other branded items. They argue that Pokemon’s success was due to its transmedia storytelling, which was easily accessible and understandable to anyone, even if they didn’t have all the different types of content. In other words, people didn’t need the trading cards to understand the TV show.

Norman (2022), in her lecture on “Multiple Channels, Multiple Media,” also asked us to “consider how readers discover content and optimize for discovery”.  She listed a few ways, such as search, social media, e-newsletters, and influencers. 

The words "Pokemon" in yellow.

Integrating More Channels With My Site

For my website, there are a few different channels I could expand into. I think that social media is the smartest avenue for me to branch out into first. The best application would be TikTok because “the average engagement rate on the platform is 18%!” which is a lot higher than other social media sites currently (Martinez, 2022). The average Instagram engagement rate is around “0.61% – 0.81%”, for Facebook, it is “0.18% – 6%” (Martinez, 2022). Youtube had a fairly good average engagement rate of “1.7 in July 2021″ (Kolsquare, 2021).


However, YouTube videos take a lot longer than TikTok videos to produce. So I believe TikTok would be an easier platform to grow on. However, getting the people who follow me on TikTok to visit my website would probably be a bit more challenging. For one of my mini assignments, I did a fillable worksheet where I kept track of my progress. So possibly, I could encourage my TikTok followers to visit my site to download that free worksheet.

A chart with the day of the week on the x axis and my personal goals on the y axis.

Beyond TikTok

I could also potentially reach out to SFU Health & Counselling because I know they have a lot of resources on wellness, and maybe do some sort of collaboration with them on their Instagram. Also, as my followers increase, I would love to set up a Facebook group where people could discuss wellness, hold each other accountable, do fitness classes together, or even go on walks in nature together.”


Creating Shareable Content

Norman (2022) also mentions what makes content shareable:

  • It helps people connect.
  • It is useful
  • It starts a conversation
  • It strikes an emotional chord
  • It helps define us
  • It’s funny
  • It makes us look smart
  • It makes us feel part of something bigger
  • It’s juicy

Therefore with my TikTok videos, I will try to make it useful for people by giving people tips. I will also try to discuss my struggles candidly, and maybe that will strike an emotional chord with some people. I will also try to ask people a question at the end of my videos to start a conversation in the comment section.

Here is an interesting video I found about growing on TikTok:


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