Mini Assignment #2 - Super Hero Writes a Guest Blog on Your Site


Hi everyone, I am Catwoman, and I have been asked to write an article for Sarah’s blog. As you probably already know, I am the alter ego of Selina Kyle and am a highly skilled burglar. I also sometimes fight alongside Batman when I feel like it. So to pull all that off, I need to take good care of my body and always be in excellent health. I follow a regime close to Sarah’s, but mine is slightly different. 


A women in a black leather bodysuit and a man in a black costume with a mask holding her arm holding

1. I need a lot of energy to climb walls and break into buildings, so I try to get eight hours or more of sleep every night. 


2. I also eat very healthily and drink plenty of water.


3. Due to the nature of my job, I automatically get plenty of physical exercise every day, unlike Sarah, who only works out three times per week.


4. Like Sarah, I also do yoga daily to stay flexible and agile. 


5. I think social media is fake and stupid, so keeping my screen time down is not an issue!


6. I only use my phone for practical matters. 


7. Meditating daily also helps me stay focused and calm during my missions. 


8. I live in Gotham City, so Sarah’s goal of spending 20 minutes in nature is nearly impossible. 


9. Reading is not really my thing either, so that is another way Sarah and I differ. 


However, overall, I do endorse Sarah’s self-care challenge. Many of the goals are great, and they can help you excel at any job, whether saving Gotham City or simply working a normal office job like Sarah

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