Doing a Yoga Session Every Day

November 14 - 20


This week I challenged myself to do yoga for 10 minutes daily consistently. I have been doing yoga since around 2019, and I am fairly consistent when life is not too busy. However, whenever I am really busy with work and school, I tend to neglect it. I have taken a few in-person classes, but for the most part, I follow videos on Youtube just because they are free and allow me to do a session whenever I want. I also recently read the book Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide to Joy by Sadhguru which outlines the more spiritual origins of Yoga which often gets ignored in modern-day western yoga classes.

However, before I dive into my experience, I want to highlight some of the perceived benefits of meditation, according to 


Some of the Benefits of Yoga

  1. Yoga improves flexibility
  2. Yoga helps with stress relief
  3. Yoga improves mental health
  4. Yoga may reduce inflammation
  5. Yoga will likely increase your strength
  6. Yoga may reduce anxiety
  7. Yoga may improve quality of life
  8. Yoga may boost immunity
  9. Yoga can improve balance
  10. Yoga may improve cardiovascular functioning
  11. Yoga may help improve sleep
  12. Yoga may improve self-esteem
  13. Yoga may improve bone health
  14. 14. Yoga can promote better posture and body awareness
  15. Yoga can improve brain functioning
  16. Yoga can help with burnout

Experience & Effects

I am happy to say I successfully completed this challenge this week. I found that the best time to do a yoga session was a few minutes after I woke up. I often wake up feeling a lot of muscle tension, and practising yoga in the morning helped me feel a lot less tense and better physically. It also ironically helped me feel more awake. It also helped me feel a lot more relaxed and happy while getting ready for work or school. 


Here is One of My Favourite Yoga Video for Beginners

Here is a Video on the Origins of Yoga


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