Meditating 10 Mins Everyday

October 17 - 23


This week I challenged myself to meditate for 10 minutes daily consistently. This summer, I read a book called Mindfulness in Plain English By Bhante Gunaratana, which motivated me to get more into meditation. So throughout the summer, I meditated fairly consistently and saw some positive changes in my mental health. However, I did not meditate every day, so I am really excited to see if it would have an even more positive effect on my mental health if I do it more consistently. Before I dive into my experience, I would like to highlight some of the perceived benefits of meditation, according to 


Some of the Benefits of Meditation


1. Reducing stress. 


2. Reduced Anxiety. 


3. Improve mood.


4. Enhance self-awareness 


5. Improve your attention span 


6. Focused-attention 


6. Improve memory 


7. Can generate kindness


8. Improve sleep


10. Helps control pain


11. Decreased blood pressure

Experience & Effects

I am happy to say I successfully completed this challenge this week. I found that the best time to meditate was just after I got home from work or school. I felt like it helped me decompress after a long day, and I saw an improvement in my general stress levels throughout the week too. I also felt like it was easier to focus on my schoolwork. Typically, when I come home from school or work, I binge on social media, and then I find it hard to start doing any other work I have to do for the night. However, starting my homework became more manageable when I switched to meditation.  


Here is One of My Favourite Meditation Videos


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