Peer Review

Peer Review # 3 – Self

Peer Review #3: Self Therapy Link to Siddhant’s Site:   Overview Your blog is well-made and is generally marketable to your intended audience. I am most likely your target audience because I am really into mindfulness, too, and I found the website very appealing. The design is generally really good too. The State of Mobile Report …

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Peer Review #2 – Nick Draws

Peer Review #2: NickDrawsThings Link to Nick’s Site:  Overall Design Page (2022) states that having enough white space on a webpage is one of the keys to a well-designed webpage. In my opinion, your website has plenty of white space, and it doesn’t feel too busy. The margins are also good, and nothing is too …

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Peer Review #1 – Record of (October 3 – 9)

Peer Review #1 : Record of Naught ​ Link to Alex’s Site:  General After going through the site, I could generally tell what the site was about.  I, however, don’t think there is enough information to understand who you are as an author, so a small ‘About’ page could be nice. However, in the …

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