About Me

Hi, my name is Sarah Elawa, and I am a Communications and Publishing major at Simon Fraser University. My day job is working in social media marketing.

However, on the side, I am very passionate about health, wellness, and self-development. I am always reading the latest self-help book and watching videos on wellness by YouTubers such as Hitomi Mochizuki and Matt D’avella.

Many times in the past, I have tried to cultivate healthier habits but have struggled because I had no one to hold me accountable.Additionally, whenever life gets busy with university and work, I tend to put my physical and mental well-being on the back burner.

So, for this reason, I decided to create this blog to challenge myself to be more consistent with health and well-being on a platform where others can hold me accountable.

If for any reason you need to contact me my email is selawa@sfu.ca

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