Sarah's Self -Care


About This Site

Hi, my name is Sarah, and many times in the past, I have tried to cultivate healthier habits but have struggled because I had no one to hold me accountable.

Additionally, I tend to put my physical and mental well-being on the back burner whenever life gets busy.

Therefore I created this blog to challenge myself to be more consistent with my health and well-being on a platform where others can hold me accountable. This site was also created for a course I took at Simon Fraser University. 

Check out all of my self-care goals below!

A keyboard, a green apple, a cup of water, and a journal on a white table.

The Goals

1. Drink 2+ liters of water every day.

2. Take my vitamins every day.

3. Meditate for 10 minutes every day.

4. Use social media less than 2 hours daily.

5. Sleep for 8 or more hours every night.

6. Do a yoga session every day.

7. Spend 20 minutes in nature every day.

8. Workout 3 times or more per week.

9. Read for 10 or more minutes every day.

A person holding an open book on a bed with a white duvet and a cup of tea.
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